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OpenVMS Comparison Chart

Feature OpenVMS Microsoft Server
A cool user interface No* Yes
Compatibility with viruses No Yes
Well known to hackers No Yes
Limited capacity
(so you need to buy a lot of them)
No Yes
Frequent crashes
(so you known your startup works)
No Yes
Requires a large support staff No Yes
Frequent changes to system API
(keeps the programmers from being
bored by all that "business" stuff)
No Yes

If your goal is to have the latest in bleeding edge technology so each day is a new adventure in what can go wrong or you feel the need to keep large numbers of computer science majors employed, don't call us.

If you want to have a stable, scalable and maintainable system supported by professionals who understand the requirements of modern businesses, please call (949) 650-0526.

* Digital Synergy, Inc has Java Swing and Web to RMS and OpenVMS "legacy" (aka "code that works") connectivity solutions that have been in daily production use since 1998. For more information click here.