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Integrated Phone Systems

Your phone system is not just a phone system anymore.

Click here for information on our Asterisk / OpenVMS demo

Digital Synergy, Inc. is a Digium authorized reseller and provides Voice Over IP (VOIP) services and products. Some of Digium's hardware products are cards that connect both analog and digital phone lines to Linux systems running the open source phone system Asterisk. Asterisk has an open API accessible from Java and OpenVMS programs allowing connectivity to existing RMS databases and OpenVMS business logic. This connection provides the ability to build interactive phone systems.

Some sample applications include :

  • Automated product pricing or availability
  • Automated account balance information (Your current balance is 500 dollars and 23 cents, your check number 123 for 200 dollars was received on January 10th)
  • Automated calls to confirm appointments (Press 1 to confirm your appointment, Press 2 to change your appointment)
  • Automatic transfer of incoming calls to the correct sales agent

While an Asterisk based phone system can replace an existing phone system, it can also be used to add to existing phone systems. For example, it could be set up with a direct dial number and/or be an extension on an existing phone system.

For more information and samples of the analysis, please contact Jeffrey Coffield at (949) 650-0526 or use the